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After Trump win, protesters move through downtown Oakland


Protestors burn an American flag at an Anti-Trump protest that sparked responding to the national election results on the victory of Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. (Yesica Prado/Oakland North)

Late Tuesday night, as president-elect Donald Trump was giving his victory speech, a group of protesters moved through downtown Oakland demonstrating against the results of the election.

Shouting “Fuck Trump!” and “Fuck the KKK,” they marched down Broadway. By midnight, the group had about 70 people; the Oakland Police Department (OPD) reported that the group ultimately grew to 250 people before breaking up in the early morning hours.

Some members of the group, wearing black bandanas across their faces, smashed the windows of downtown businesses, set small trashcan fires, and wrote graffiti on walls. Others, trailing the group, tried to clean up after them.

According to an OPD statement released at about 4:30 am Wednesday morning, there were no injuries and no arrests had been made, although police issued one citation to a protester.

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